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Written by Fiach Reid   
Wednesday, 14 July 2010 09:41


The FreebieSMS Joomla Plugin is a extension of the FreebieSMS Affiliate form, specially designed for Joomla. It makes it easy for Joomla users to make money from their Joomla site, by offering a Fee SMS form, and earning every time it's used.


We pay you 50p GBP (0.75 USD) per SMS recieved, with a minimum payout of £100 GBP (150 USD), by cheque, paypal or moneybookers


How to set this up?

After downloading this exension from, you will need to set up an affilate account on FreebieSMS. Go to FreebieSMS click on "Affiliates", select the "text link" option, press continue, fill in your details, then press "Generate HTML". Your link will appear like this:


<a id="Migrated_AffiliateLink_hlAffiliateLink" href="">Send Free SMS</a>


In the above example, your affiliate ID is 9902 (The number following the letter A)

Once you have this, go to Extensions > Module Manager > SMS, then set AffiliateID in the the Parameters panel to this number.



Does this only work for the UK?

By default, yes, it works only for the UK, but to select another country go to Extensions > Module Manager > SMS, then set Country from the parameters panel.


Download from this server:

Download from JED:


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